Thursday, March 26, 2009

The George

Avy made her sandwich for the picnic hike entirely by herself.

Brinkley and Camdyn showing what tough girls they are.

Matt tried to go up the way the girls did, but couldn't fit in the rock crevice.

I was there.

We love the sun. I am done with the snow.
Apparently, I didn't do something right, but I wanted to
add a little writing before the pictures. Instead-
We love to vacation. Who doesn't? Every spring we head south
to enjoy a little of the sun that they keep down there. We love to
relax, eat our favorite foods, swim and go hiking. One of the
highlights of this trip was our shuffle board game. Who knew? The
kids had so much fun. They both have more skill than I do. Matt
described it as one of those mormon commercials of the family. I
also love the little picnic hike we take. It is so beautiful. We used
to go tothe same place when I was a kid. The girls ran and climbed
every rock. Even Avy hiked most of it by herself. As I post this,
I look out the windowand see snow. I think I am living
in the wrong location!


Ciara said...

no posts in months and then 2 in 2 days -- i love it! I'm ready for the sun glad you and the "guys" found it for a little while.

linds said...

aaahhhhaaa...i found your blog. i love it and will be checking in regularly... so some new pics please.

Meghan said...

i found you too! what is this secret blog that i had to discover? love it. love the pictures. want more....