Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lodge

We spent the first weekend out of school with some friends at the Laketown Lodge. It was so nice of Adam and Eve to have us up there. We had so much fun despite the cold weather. The kids got along so well! It really made it nice for us to relax. We traded in the beach for horseback riding and had a wonderful time. Brinkley, Sam and Avery were able to go on a long ride up the trail. The younger girls were able to ride horses around the corral and feed the horses. Everyone had a good time. We are still waiting for some summer weather!


linds said...

thanks for posting...the lodge looks like so much fun. someday i hope to be invited there. is there anything better than kids that get along? your lucky your friends all have kiddos the same age as yours.

i will be expecting another post soon!

Meghan said...

love the post. love the background... but i would love a new post please - maybe the baptism?